Bennett-Morris & Associates Land Surveying
303 N. Choctaw, Kingston, OK 73439
510 E. Street NW, Ardmore, OK - 580-226-5108
Kingston, Oklahoma  73439

Bennett-Morris And Associates Land Surveying, P.C. is a multi-disciplined practice, owned and operated by Aaron L. Morris, RPLS and Obert D. Bennett, RPLS. Bennett-Morris provides services to meet the private, commercial, municipality, and energy industry’s needs, and have since 1988. All work is performed under the direct supervision of a licensed professional land surveyor. This supervision insures quality of products and gives the assurance of a professional, who is answerable to the Oklahoma State Board of Licensure for Engineering and Land Surveying. All work will be in accordance with survey and mapping standards exceeding those required by Oklahoma State Board of Licensure.


• Preliminary Survey: The collection of survey data on which to base studies on a proposed project or a proposed final survey.
• Boundary Survey: A survey made to establish or re-establish a boundary lines on the ground or to obtain data for constructing a map plat showing a boundary lines.
• Land Title Survey: A survey of real property, including the plat of the survey, acceptable to a title insurance company for the purposes of insuring title to said real property, free and clear survey questions, except those questions disclosed by the survey indicated on the plat.
• Topographic Survey: A survey of an area, which has for its major purposes the determination of the configuration of the surface of the ground and the location of natural and artificial objects.
• Site Planning Survey: A combination of boundary and topographic surveys with resulting plans used for designing development features such as roads, subdivisions, industrial construction, etc.
• Subdivision Survey: A type of survey in which the legal boundaries of an area are located, and the area is subdivided into parcels of lots, streets, right-of-way, and other accessories. All necessary corners or dividing lines are marked and monumented.
• Construction Survey: The survey measurements made while construction is in the process to control elevation, horizontal position and dimensions, and to determine adequacy of completion.
• Route Survey: Preliminary, control, and construction surveys which cover a long but narrow area, as in pipeline, highway, and railroad construction.
• Mortgage Inspection Report: Not to be confused with a Boundary Survey, in fact a Mortgage Inspection Report is NOT a BOUNDARY SURVEY, but rather a graphic report. It’s purpose is to provide a graphical sketch of the property for the title insurer and does not arise to the accuracy of a Boundary Survey. A Mortgage Inspection Report will vary widely between surveyors. This is due in part to no minimum requirements for said report, only that it state that it is not a Boundary Survey. A Mortgage Inspection Report should not be relied upon for anything other than its intended use by the Title Insurer and by no means should be used by the Land Owner.