Lake Texoma Association
Kingston, Oklahoma  73439

The Lake Texoma Association is a group of dynamic movers and shakers. If something is in the best interest of our lake, then you can bet that LTA is behind that plan every step of the way, with the cooperation of the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department.

The Lake Texoma Association was organized in the 1940s and is very much like a chamber of commerce, but with one major difference… the very diverse membership. Not just an organization of businesses and business people, LTA is made up of all types of concerned individuals who want to keep Lake Texoma the superb recreational and business area it is today.


Accomplishments of the LTA include:

LTA was incorporated in the State of Oklahoma on December 13, 1954.

The LTA’s mission is to promote and protect Lake Texoma.

LTA was the driving force behind the 1988 asddition of recreation to the lake's official purposes giving recreation equal footing with flood control and power generation. 

LTA was also instrumental in the forming of the Lake Texoma Advisory Committee, a planning commission consisting of members from congress. Corps of Engineers, LTA, agriculture, water commissions from three states and recreation entities from Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana.

The LTA works with environmental, wildlife and educational entities to research the cause and prevention of Golden Algae, Zebra Mussels, Mud Crab and other invasive species.

LTA helped to secure funds to restore Lake Texoma recreational areas, numerous hazard buoys, flood control and hydropower infrastructure and to bring facilities up to modern standards with Recovery Act funds.

LTA continues to monitor and oppose legislation which would allow excessive chloride removal from Lake Texoma and the Red River.

LTA continues to support legislation which would provide independent tests to show gasoline supplies containing more than 10% ethanol will not pose a risk to the environment and boat and recreation engines. We continue to be concerned about the claimed benefits and actual overall taxpayer costs of E-10 ethanol fuel including over 40 cents per gallon federal subsidies.